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For Neopians with higher standards

A community for Neopians with higher standards
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Jenniola the Faerie Pteri
Owner: harpsealpup86

Hello, my name is Jenniola and I am a Faerie Pteri. Sorry about this, but I always have to point out the obvious. That is because I’m proud of being who I am and always want people to know…even if they already know anyway!

It’s only fitting that I tell you a little about what you should do if you’re ever feeling a bit self-conscious. What I do is get up early each morning, catch a glimpse of the sunrise (that’s always a self-esteem booster, trust me!) and then I write a list of all the good things I’m going to do on that day. For instance, yesterday, I made mom breakfast, made Amber, my pet Beekadoodle, feel happy about herself and it just made me feel so great!

Everyone needs more sunshine and confidence in their lives so go out there, get your sunshine and feel good about yourself ^^

From a very happy and confident Faerie Pteri.


Congrats to our April Mini-EoE winner, chaosrocket! You are neoelitists's TOP GAMER!!

chaosrocket also won the "Best Trophy Collection" category, and tied the "Best High Scores" category with spookysaint121.

+ Do you need some help with avatars or feel like helping others? Check out our avatar lending post

+ Quick reference to all of our activity rules.

+ Check out our community icons!

+ Never miss an important day with out Member Birthday List.

Have something you'd like changed? Speak out in our Suggestion Box.

The old suggestion boxes can be found here.

Before you think about applying, please look over the Members Section to get a better understanding of what it takes to be apart of this community. As a member certain things are expected of you. If you feel you can not meet those demands, don't bother applying. However, if you think you would be a nice addition to our community, continue on...

When applying:
- Do not post anywhere except your application and answers to members' questions regarding your application. Do not post a comment on previous applications. If you have any specific questions email the mods using the email provided above.

- Be informative and make your application as organized and interesting as possible. Elaboration is always appreciated. Strongly suggested: take a brief look at both our accepted and rejected applications to understand why someone might get accepted or rejected. We are using a different application format that some previous applications, but you should still get an idea of what we look for in an applicant.

- Looking for examples under the new application format? Here is are some great examples, to help those who are applying under the new format.

-Be as detailed as you need to be. Remember - there is no such thing as too much elaboration.

- Keep in mind that although your account is the main focus, your personality and attitude, both here and on Neopets, is also considered. A good account is no excuse for a bad attitude.

- An application that passes needs to either have 70% of the total accepted members' votes, or given one week [7 days] of consideration.

- IMPORTANT: DO NOT self delete your application based on the responses you get from the members. If you are not well received use the critism to get better and reapply. If you self delete your application there is a strong possibility you will be banned from reapplying.

- If you are not accepted whining, cursing, complaining, etc. will not be tolerated. If you don't make the cut, you're allowed to try again later.

- If you are rejected, use your better judgement to gauge the next time you should re-apply. There is no time limit. Members' reasons for rejecting you are usually made clear in their comments. Take them into consideration.

- Do not harass a member's personal journal, troll (meaning to annoy, insult, and harass members) or suck-up/bribe for votes- any of the prior will result in a banning.

Highlight the text in the box below, copy and paste into your entry (best if pasted in plain text mode, and then switched to rich text). Everything is pre-coded so all you need to do is answer the questions! Please title your post, "Am I elite material?"

*---GOOD LUCK!---*

Rules for our members:

+ All members must participate in the monthly roll call.

+ There is no longer a specific amount of applications you must vote on in any given week. However, inactivity can and will lead to removal. For more information, review the rules of participation

+ As there is only 1 monthly required participation, there shouldn't be a need to inform us of a hiatus. However, if you do not plan to be able to participate in the monthly roll call, please e-mail us at neoelitists@gmail.com.

+ Keep in mind this community is elite. Flaunting your status is definitely not elite behavior and will not be tolerated.

+ Blatant cheating will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating (within our community or neopets) you will be removed and possibly banned from the group.

+ Talk about Neopets news, new worlds, new links, hidden areas- anything neopets! Just no scams or ways of cheating.

+ No deleting comments or posts. Doing so may result in bannination!!

Tips on voting:

+ Take all things into consideration when judging an applicant- the account age, maturity level displayed, time spent on Neopets, pets, galleries, BD history, etc. Avoid looking for specific things only, always keep the big picture in mind.

+ Here are two really great voting guides created by kellyagain (found here) and mystik00769 (found here). You don't have to use these, but if you feel you need some guidance when voting, they are a must read!

+ Feel free to ask the applicant for clarification or reasons to sway you, if you're on the fence.

+ When giving reasons as to why you are voting no to a person's application, don't be unnecessarily cruel.

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