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Am I elite enough? 
16th-Apr-2008 10:15 pm
Am I elite material?

Name: Nixy
Age: 21
Birthday: 01/10/1986
User Look Up (link): http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=teddybearspic44
Age of your account: 6 years (I stopped playing for a efw of them, I've been playign again for 2 years)
Number of pets you own: 4

What was your motivation for chosing your pets that you have including why and how your pets were painted, if applicable (please narrow this question down to no more than 6 of your pets):

I regularly paint my pets, that's what most of my points get spent on (as well as backgrounds)-

Goozegog (Blumaroo)- was recently Rainbow, he is now disco with a firework background and I love his sparkler
Popitydoola (Gnorbu)- Christmas (I just think it really suits them, though I'mw aiting until more colours are released. She has a wintery theme
Yipsley- Baby Gnorbu, my most recent pet, I think he's really cute and probably won't paint him again
Fitzaelia- Dark and spooky, my ghost xweetok (will  be a faerie xweetok)

Please elaborate your thoughts/accomplishments on the following:
*Note: you are not bound by the suggestions made in parantheses.

  • Your Pets (age, petpages, graphics, personalities, petpets. etc):
    Goozegog, my oldest pet of 6 years is fun loving and a very gentle male Blumaroo (hence the fluffy boa and the pink colour of him!) I'm very attached to him. He has a pet fangy which I think really suits him as it looks a little dopey. Poppitydoola is a proper lady, hence the Alkenore petpet, she is 483 days. My last two pets are much more recent. Yipsley is small and cute, he's an adventurer (hence him wandering around in the shearing room and eyeing up the scissors!, he has a petpet boween, somethign cute and cuddly. Fitzaelia is mysterious, and had a pet Faellie which will get painted faerie to add to the mystique.
  • The Battledome (Your pets stats, weapons, conquered opponents, etc):
    I don't do the battledome, but I am quite into raising the level of my pets, though mainly through Coltzans shrine
  • Collecting (Avatars, trophies, maps, stamps, gallery items, etc):
    I've recently started collecting avatars, though I guess my real collection is neopints to decorate my pets. I have a small plushie colection I'm getting going.
  • Gaming (Favorites, what you excel at, grandmaster scores, etc):
    Oh I play so many games! Haven't reached the highscore though. My favourites are turmac roll, wingoball, faerie racers, crisis courier, ice cream factory. Whack a kass is always good for points.
  • Favorites(games, items, avatars, pets, anything neo):
    Gnorbu's! Maybe because I'ma  fan of the underdog and they never get rated very high, I love them!
  • Neo Activity (how often you play, guild activity, where/what you spend your time doing, etc):
    I am on every day! Playing games, doing my dailies, chatting and donating to the guild I'm in. Savign neopoints.
  • Non-Neo Activity (where you are from, your real pets, what you do in your spare time, interests etc):
    In real life I am a student in Wales (Britain). I enjoy reading, playing games(board games or computer games), going to the cinema or watchign films at home. I also love art and anythign crafty will entertain me. I have a pet rabbit who I love, but he's very old and is going blind so he need sextra special love :)

Please answer the following honestly:

What major or minor goals have you accomplished thus far: I am happy with goozegog in patricular, he cost me a fortune to do (even the sparkler alone was a lot) I was happy when I reached 2.5 million np

What are your current goals: Faerie paint brush

What is your ultimate goal(s): Ulitmate goal is a faerie xweetok, but I'm happy with ghost for now

Have you been frozen? If so, why? No

What makes you feel that you are elite? i've been playing a long time, and I focus on goals that are important to me - having goof friends in my guild, and painting my pets etc how I want to. I don't obsess about getting trophies, I play the game for fun. But I work very hard for my neopoints

Why do you want to join this community? To be amongst other peopel who love and are dedicated to neopets

Out of curiosity, how did you find us? I foudn you when I searched on google

Anything else you would like to add: Ii really hope I'm accepted

Optional: Promote our community in one place where it isn't considered spamming and give us a link to it (this can be your personal LJ, a promotion community, your homepage, whatever- just as long as we get to see it). Although this is not required, it does earn big points for any members who might be on the fence 
1st-Oct-2008 06:55 pm (UTC)

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