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Am I elite enough? 
3rd-Jan-2008 07:58 pm
personal - pink
Name: Elyse
Age: 21
Birthday: October 22, 1986
User Look Up (link): clicky!
Age of your account: According to the boards, 89 months. I wish they'd update shields already, but a little wish amongst many!
Number of pets you own: 14 - four on my main, and ten on sides.

What was your motivation for choosing your pets that you have including why and how your pets were painted, if applicable (please narrow this question down to no more than 6 of your pets): I'm going to restrict this to the four pets on my main account.

DemonApsu was created shortly after the discovery of Meridell, and when they opened Ixis up from being restricted creation to open to everyone. I loved the pet design, and had her painted White at first - until they came out with the Halloween paint job, and knew that was what I had to paint her. She was named after the main villain from Sailor Moon: Another Story, and it just seemed to fit perfectly with the devilish nature of the paint brush. I saved up to paint her when the brushes were somewhere around 150K (probably around five years ago or so), and she's been Halloween ever since. :) Once her petpet ages, I'm sticking with the Blechy theme, and giving her a Halloween Cobrall and a Blechy as well.

Phantom008 is my oldest pet, created when I first made my account all those years ago. He started out as a Green Lupe, and was hand-painted Christmas around 2001, after finding the paint brush on the shop wiz for a whopping 100 NP (still my best snipe to date, even if the term wasn't really around yet), and painted Fire with the first Rainbow Fountain promotion - you know, the one where you had to sign up with x amount of sponsors to get tickets to paint your pet - one was a basic color, two was any of the advanced paint jobs, and three would change the species of your pet as well as the color - and I've kept him the same ever since.

Spinrexis is currently my lab rat. He's my only pet with a personality that I've really developed - apparently, he is the best emcee this side of Tyrannia, and when he isn't in the Giant Moach Costume, he wears a Gormball Necklace for his "bling" and Censor Bar Glasses so as to not cramp his style. ;) I have no set plans for him right now other than him being a lab rat, but I'm waiting for the perfect paint job to come around.

Tchiock is my favorite, and will forever be. She's my only pet who was adopted from the pound on this account, and I found her while pound surfing one day looking for an avatar pet - she was a male Kacheek at the time, and I figured I'd be better off adopting one rather than creating. I got so attached to him that I decided to keep him, and morphed him into a Mutant Aisha later that day. My ultimate goal was to paint him Maraquan, and the first time that happened I saved up and bought the PB in pure for around 1.5 mil and battled with the Cape of the Sun to change her gender. Early last year, however, she got hit by an unfortunate Boochi zap, and she was left Baby for the better part of the year. Re-saving for her paint brush eventually led to me saving for Adam, and after I accomplished that goal, I was able to re-paint her Maraquan for (hopefully) the last time.

Please elaborate your thoughts/accomplishments on the following:
*Note: you are not bound by the suggestions made in parentheses.

  • Your Pets (age, petpages, graphics, personalities, petpets. etc): I've worked very hard for my pets - the majority are hand-painted, in many cases painted numerous times, and that's probably some of my biggest accomplishments. With the exception of my lab rat, all of my pets have matching petpets, and they're a big reason I'm still playing - I don't have any pets in real life aside from one fish, and keeping them happy certainly puts a smile on my face.

  • The Battledome (Your pets stats, weapons, conquered opponents, etc): I'm a casual battler, and Tchiock is my battle pet.
    Health: 29 / 29
    Mood: delighted!
    Hunger: bloated
    Strength: EXCELLENT (51)
    Defence: EXCELLENT (43)
    Move: GREAT (24)
    Intelligence: master genius (81)
    Abilities: Burrow, Magic Berries, Tough Skin, Magic Pebbles, and Heal
    Current battle set: Blue Scorchstone, Snowglobe Staff/Scroll of Freezing, Purple Sticky Hand, Ice Club, Honey Potion, Scamander Shield/Leaf Shield, and usually two Sticky Snowballs or battle muffins for bombs.
    This is a combination of all of my pets, but here are my battledome stats - it's not really my main focus on the site, but I keep trying for the Defenders of Neopia trophies.

  • Collecting (Avatars, trophies, maps, stamps, gallery items, etc): I'm an avatar collector, with a current total of 249 (impressive for me, but not the best - for the curious, here's my AvatarLog account) - game avatars are my downfall. I also haphazardly collect sidebars, and I'm only missing one - the Cyodrake's Gaze one. I think my best accomplishment in that area would be my complete Tchea Fruit gallery. The graphics might be...well, non-existant, but I haven't had much experience in coding gallery layouts so I haven't really tried. I suppose with some more free time I can whip something up for that. The Aged Tchea Juice was a gift from my wonderful guild, and they've helped me out with my one-item collection as well - I'm nearing 1000 Tchea Fruits. I recently completed the Secret Lab map, with Tarla releasing piece #9, and in the past I've done a couple space/regular treasure maps.
    Trophy-wise, I'm most proud of my Gormball trophy: while it's only a third place, it was quite a shock. Same goes for Kiss the Mortog - that was a fluke, but still quite welcomed.

  • Gaming (Favorites, what you excel at, grandmaster scores, etc): I recently started playing Neoquest II, and it's proving to be quite fun for me :) I have a set group of games that I play frequently for my 3k a day - Princess Lunara, Defender Trainer, Whack-A-Kass (I mean Kass Basher...), Shenkuu Warrior, Imperial Exam. I mostly play php-based games though, in hopes of more random events (and the fact that I couldn't play Flash games at work), so I'm usually playing Gormball or Sakhmet Solitaire or Pyramids. I'm quite proud of my Pyramids Bonus gold trophy.

    Not counting sponsor games, I have Grand Master scores in the following:
    200m Peanut Dash, Advert Attack, Cheeseroller, Chemistry for Beginners, CodeBreakers (RIP), Destruct-O-Match, Destruct-O-Match II, Faerie Bubbles, Faerie Caves II: Fyora's Quest, Fashion Fever (lulz), Feed Florg, Freaky Factory, Gormball, Gourmet Club Bowls, Grand Theft Ummagine, Ice Cream Factory (RIP), Imperial Exam, Kass Basher, MAGAX: Destroyer II, Meepit vs. Feepit, TNT Staff Smasher, Techo Says (Man, this game was lame but I loved it back in the day), The Buzzer Game, The Search for Princess Lunara, Tug-O-War, Typing Terror, and Usuki Frenzy.

  • Favorites(games, items, avatars, pets, anything neo): I'm a big fan of the Faerie Dolls, because I think they're adorable yet stupidly expensive. I only have one, the Jhuidah Faerie Doll, but someday I'll have another. If I'm lucky. My favorite avatars are ones I've worked hard for, like Faerie Bubbles and Number Six - ask my roommate about me and Faerie Bubbles last year. I love Aishas, and collect the Limited Too plushies. My favorite games will forever be Pyramids and Meerca Chase, and I've been playing them since I first picked up the game.

  • Neo Activity (how often you play, guild activity, where/what you spend your time doing, etc): I'm on every day, even if it's just for a few minutes to do my dailies. I'm in a wonderful guild - the Neopian_Adults guild, and I chat there frequently. Now that I've taken up Neoquest II, I spend most of my time doing that.

  • Non-Neo Activity (where you are from, your real pets, what you do in your spare time, interests etc): I'm a college student from New Jersey, where I attend Montclair State University. I major in geoscience and minor in the German language, and even though I'm graduating in May, I still don't really know what I'd like to do for a living. I'm a DJ for my college station, and I work for the office of information technology on campus. I have one betta fish, I'm hopelessly addicted to Guitar Hero, and I watch more Game Show Network then is healthy. I like hanging out with my friends, going on roadtrips and down the shore, reading, and listening to music. For lulz, here's a picture of me eating a hot dog:

Please answer the following honestly:

What major or minor goals have you accomplished thus far: My most recent accomplishment is getting the Honey Potion from Illusen's Quest, and aside from painting and repainting my pets, earning Adam on my own was definitely a big goal for me. I'm a bit of a spendthrift, so saving up without spending anything was kind of amazing. I'm down to around 5.5 mil now, but I'm hoping to get that back up soon.
What are your current goals: Currently, I'm trying to get over 1000 Tchea Fruit and to beat Neoquest II on Normal, then gradually onto Evil and InSaNe. Eventually, I'd like to paint the pets on my side accounts that are currently unpainted, and someday if I'm lucky, to get MSPP.
What is your ultimate goal(s): I wouldn't say I necessarily have one - I set little goals for myself, and if I ever achieve my ultimate goal, whatever it would be, would kind of defeat the purpose of the game for me. Maybe save up enough for MSPP? I've got a ways to go.

Have you been frozen? If so, why? Never been frozen, but once I was suspended for 24 hours for talking about an episode of Law and Order: SVU on the guild. I learned my lesson from that.

What makes you feel that you are elite? I feel like I've done enough to be well-rounded, and while I might not be super rich, I think I've done a lot for my points and pets and it shows.

Why do you want to join this community? I know a lot of you from Neopian_Adults, and while it doesn't seem very active currently, I'd like to give it a try and maybe work on that inactivity.

Out of curiosity, how did you find us? I've seen the community mentioned on N_A a few times, lurked it for a few months (public entries, that is), and felt it was time to apply.

Anything else you would like to add: Nothing right now, but thanks though!

Optional: Promote our community in one place where it isn't considered spamming and give us a link to it (this can be your personal LJ, a promotion community, your homepage, whatever- just as long as we get to see it). Although this is not required, it does earn big points for any members who might be on the fence.
4th-Jan-2008 01:26 am (UTC) - yes
I have always quietly loved you for having a jimmy eat world avatar.

{I'm cartmanismyidol and I just sent you all the tchea fruit in my SDB, heh.}
4th-Jan-2008 01:33 am (UTC) - Re: yes
It's always nice to find another JEW fan! I actually had the pleasure of meeting the band back in November, and they're such down to earth guys. They even came out to see us in the freezing rain.

(And thank you! I just neomailed you the same thing, but one can never have enough Tcheas!)
4th-Jan-2008 01:38 am (UTC) - Re: yes
One of my favourite memories is when I was 15 I went down to Sheffield {town in England a few hundred miles away from me} to see them for my birthday present from my mum. I ended up getting my nose broken on the barrier and afterwards I hung out outside to meet them {as you do!} and Rick took me onto their tourbus to get a cloth to wipe the blood from off me. They gave us beer and I still have a can of it, almost six years later. Which is pretty much the lamest thing in the world, haha, so I don't tend to tell that to people XD But yeah, they've always been such total sweethearts to me and everyone I've heard of who's met them. :)

I have a tattoo as well. I'm a bit of a loser.
4th-Jan-2008 01:39 am (UTC) - Re: yes
I just realised how much of a fangirl I sound like! Oh well. I haven't seen them in almost three years {damn living in the UK} but I have tickets to see them in february and I am so exciteeeeeed!!
4th-Jan-2008 02:59 am (UTC) - Re: yes
Okay, here's where I get to be a fangirl too - I have a tattoo as well! That's awesome. When I met them, Jim, Rich and Tom signed my ticket, and I take it with me everywhere I go.

I've only seen them three times - when they were on tour with Taking Back Sunday, then when they opened for Green Day (ew), and on this last headlining tour - but they always steal the show. Have a great time in February, it'll be amazing!
(Deleted comment)
4th-Jan-2008 06:12 am (UTC) - YES!
You're awesome, so of course I vote yes. Seriously, great app and wonderful account!

And hey, I used to live in Montclair! Yes, this proud PA girl is actually... a Jersey girl. Shh, don't tell any one!
4th-Jan-2008 08:07 am (UTC) - Yes
If I could vote yes solely on your liking GSN, I would. But, I guess since this is a Neo community, I should say that I love your account and personality too! :D
31st-Jan-2008 03:20 am (UTC) - Re: Yes
I know you're the mod here, and I appreciate the work you've put into the community - but I was just curious to see if I've been accepted or not? I figure it's been over a week since I applied and I thought it might not hurt to ask (didn't see anything in the community rules about it, either.)
31st-Jan-2008 03:21 am (UTC) - Re: Yes
Scratch that, I just saw your comment! :)
4th-Jan-2008 10:57 am (UTC) - yes
I'm so glad to see Tchiock back to herself. And I like you. Also, I love your Lupe.
4th-Jan-2008 10:24 pm (UTC) - Yes
Of course. Also, Guitar Hero = yay.
6th-Jan-2008 09:42 pm (UTC) - yes
+length of time
+++buying a maraquan pb, getting zapped, and having to resave for it and getting adam avvie at the same times gets bonus, cuz i would've never had the motivation to do that LOL
13th-Jan-2008 01:52 am (UTC) - Yes
it's all been said
31st-Jan-2008 03:17 am (UTC) - Accepted
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